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Username and password credentials are required to sign-in to Silver. Customers using Ruby Laser can use their Laser credentials. New customers will receive their credentials from Red Centre Software or their one of their support consultants.

A special username guest with password guest is available to provide access to demonstration jobs and reports. Guest users can access two public jobs named rcsruby and rcspublic. The former contains artificial data, the latter contains real-world data including the most recent General Social Survey.

The following screenshot shows a typical sign-in page prompt.

Screenshot of the Silver sign-in prompt

prompt

Any sign-in failure will result in an explanatory message being displayed in the footer area of the sign-in prompt.

After successful sign-in, the user is directed to either the Report page or the Dashboard page. Silver chooses the page that was most recently visited.


Clicking the Sign-out link on the far left of the title bar is the recommended graceful way of quitting the application and returning to the sign-in page. Clicking Sign-out causes Silver to notify the data server that a session has ended, statistics are updated and resources are released.

Abandoning Silver by closing the web browser or navigating to a different address does not cause any harm because it also unloads Silver and frees its resources. However, the data server will think the session remains active and there is a small overhead until a timeout occurs after approximately 20 minutes.

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