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Company icon Company Home Page Learn about the products, service and training available from Red Centre Software that make Data Come Alive.
Article icon Carbon Overview Learn how developers and data analysts can use the Carbon libraries to incorporate powerful cross-tabulation report features into thier own products.
PDF Icon RedCentre Carbon Libraries and Applications Red Centre Software distributes a comprehensive set of sample scripts, applications and data as part of their standard installation folders.
PDF Icon Carbon Scripting Guide How to use the tools and sample scripts in the standard installation folders to implement custom scripting. See also: Scripting Overview.
PDF Icon Carbon C++ API A technical description of the Carbon native C++ cross-tabulation engine API for software developers.
Article icon .NET Prerequisites and Installation How to install .NET 6 support and other optional features on a computer that will run Carbon applications.
Article icon Scripting Overview Explains how the rcsx.exe command the the dotnet-script tool can both be used to run C# scripts from the command prompt.
Article icon Carbon Web API Overview Carbon Web API is a demonstration web service that publishes Carbon functionality over a REST style API. It can be called by any language or platform that is REST enabled.
GitHub Icon GitHub Samples and Documentation Red Centre Software provides a Github account containing a wide variety of well documented sample projects.
Document Icon Other Articles and Links
Silver icon Silver User's Guide Silver is an interactive browser-based report viewer for market research data that has been processed by its companion Windows desktop product Ruby. Silver is powered by a web service that uses the Carbon crosstab engine.
Silver icon Hosting Silver Explains how to host the Silver application and its supporting data web service in your own Azure subscription.