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The Account page is divided into sections that manage a Silver user's sign-in account. Accounts are registered by Red Centre Software support staff and control access to Silver and other related products. The Account page can be open from any page by clicking the small light green user icon at the top right of the title bar.

Screenshot of the top right of the title bar

Account Information

This panel contains summary information about the currently signed-in user's account. The first four values are editable and the other values are read-only management information that is displayed for diagnostic purposes.

User Name

This required value is the name used to sign-in to Silver and related applications. A User Name is asssociated with a password. The User Name can be changed, but it it must obey the following formatting rules.

Display Name

If this optional value is specified then it will be displayed in preference to the User Name in some places in application UIs. The Display Name is typically a short easily recognisable value. For example, the User Name jdoe could have the Display Name John Doe.


Optional email address associated with the account.


Optional default report filter.

User Id/Key

The unique identifier (primar key) of the account in the Red Centre Software licensing system.


The licence sunset date.

Parent Entity

The name and Id/Key of the account's parent entity (organisation).

Permission Roles

A list of authorisation roles assigned to the account. Each role contains one or more atomic permissions that control access to application features.

Change Password

This panel provides the ability for a user to change the password associated with their account.

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